we are Cobranet Limited

Cobranet Limited provides reliable Internet Service and Data Connectivity to the Nigerian Market and position itself as a leader in this sector of choice

Cobranet Limited is a leading Internet Service and data provider. Since its launch in 2003, Cobranet is proud to provide every segment of the Nigerian society with a reliable and secure Internet Service and Data management solution to the digital universe.

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Our sales executives work in partnership with our clients to ensure that specific internet needs and requirements are met.

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  • Our digital footprint and wide range of products: Cobranet serves Residential and Corporate markets and delivers fast, secure and reliable services under all circumstances.
  • Our client’s benefits from 3 different technologies which are: UGO the Mobile network, UGO Bridge the state-of-the-art fixed wireless and the new UGO Fibre service.
  • Our superior 24/7 Client Support, Client-Centric Culture and commitment to our clients’ Peace-of-mind sets us apart from the competition. We operate a 24/7 call centre with a standby mobile engineering team in various locations within Lagos.
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our services

Cobranet Limited provides reliable services to the Nigerian market and position itself as a leader in this sector

The new Fibre technology offers a very broad capacity to corporate institutions,
Solutions and Managed Services
The new Managed and Professional Services position COBRANET as a provider of a complete solution in the ICT market
Shared & Dedicated Internet Services
Highly customized upon clients requirements. Data Services Based on Fixed WirelessPerfect for Inter-branching and Interconnection
Data Services based on Mobile Wireless
UGO Mobile
UGO Service is based on a mobile broadband access technology in NLOS (non-line-of-sight) environments.
UGO Fibre
The Fibre-Optic technology allows the running of fibre-optic cables straight to your house, which makes it possible to enjoy a faster surfing experience, anywhere in your home.